Our Mission: To Provide Top Quality, 100% Organic, Taiwan Grown Tea to the Canadian Connoisseur

About Us

I love drinking tea, Relaxing by myself or in the context of conversation with friends and family, I enjoy a cup of great tea. As a young man, I moved from Hamilton to Asia and discovered Taiwan Tea. I also met a young lady...

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About Tea

Many drinks try to claim the name "tea" but only the leaves of the plant Camellia Sinensis are real tea. In addition to pure tea, there are a large variety of flavoured teas in which flavor (sometimes artificial) is introduced...

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We sell only the highest quality pure and unadulterated tea from award winning farmers in the Nantou region of Taiwan. We sell No. 18 (Red Ruby) and No. 8 (Assam) Black Teas, and premium partially fermented Oulong Tea

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