Our Mission: To Provide Top Quality, 100% Organic, Taiwan Grown Tea to the Canadian Connoisseur

About Us


    I love drinking tea. Relaxing by myself or in the context of conversation with friends and family, I enjoy a cup of great tea. As a young man, I moved from Hamilton to Asia and discovered Taiwan Tea. I also met a young lady (who later became my wife) whose family was involved in both the growing and selling of fine tea. (Some friends joked that the reason that I married this young lady was to ensure a supply of tea!)

    Even at that time, with my unsophisticated palate, I could easily tell the difference between tea grown by one uncle and that grown by a different uncle. Tea prepared by one uncle was smooth and went down easily. I could drink cup after cup. However, tea grown and prepared by the older uncle often felt harsh on my tongue.

    My hope in starting this company is to share with you the teas that I enjoy. High quality organic teas prepared my family and friends – farmers with decades of experience in producing the finest quality teas in the prime tea growing area of Asia.

    If you are interested in more of my family's story, including God's mercy in helping my wife triumph over breast cancer, you can read more about our love story here. You can also view a documentary shown on GoodTV of my wife's life story.