Our Mission: To Provide Top Quality, 100% Organic, Taiwan Grown Tea to the Canadian Connoisseur

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is your black tea grown?

  Our black tea is exclusively grown in Yuchi Village in the mountains of Nantou County Taiwan.

2. What's special about your tea?

  We promise that:

  1.    1. We grow our tea on land owned by our own family and friends.
  2.    2. We use no pesticides.
  3.    3. We do not mix our tea with any other tea leaves.

3. What proof do you have of the tea's quality?

  1.   1. We have certificates from TTB and SGS proving that our tea is 100% Organic.
  2.   2. We have government (Taiwan) certification.

4. Should I buy tea loose or in individual tea bags?

  The tea is the same. For loose tea, the leaves are whole and unbroken while for bagged tea the most tender part of the leaves has been crushed. Which is most appropriate for you depends on your habits. Do you value convenience or do you enjoy the art of tea preparation? For example, in a work environment, tea bags are much more easier to use.

5. What is the difference between No. 8 and No. 18 tea?

  The taste of No. 8 tea, commonly known as "Assam", and No. 18 tea, commonly known as "Red Jade" differ slightly. No. 8 has a more wheaty taste while No. 18 has a slight taste of cinnamon and peppermint.

6. Does the season in which the tea is picked affect the quality?

  Our Tea is picked four times per year. All of our tea is very good. But it is true that for black tea summer and autumn crops are have superior flavour compared to the spring and winter crops. (This is in contrast to green tea where the spring and winter crops have greater flavor.)

7. How do I prepare tea for the best flavor?

  See our explanation with the tea.

  In general,

  1. 1. Warm the teapot
  2. 2. Heat cold (previously unboiled) water to near boiling (100 C).
  3. 3. Wash tea with the hot water to reduce pesticide residue (Not necessary for our tea as it is organic)
  4. 4. Add near boiling water and 2.5 grams of tea or one teabag per cup (300 ml) to teapot (Each tea bag is ~2.5 g).
  5. 5. Steep for 2 minutes
  6. 6. Pour into cup and enjoy.
  7. 7. For 2nd cup, steep for 3 minutes
  8. 8. For 3rd cup, steep for 5 minutes

      Each teabag can be used repeatedly (or one time) for up to 4 cups.

    8. Why do you not sell herbal teas?

      We considered selling herbal teas but our tests revealed that the flowers or other additives used to make herbal teas have dangerously high pesticide content. We believe that the harmful effects of pesticides on the body more than out-weight the positive benefits of most herbs.

    9. Why should I buy Taiwanese Tea?

    1. 1. Food Safety. Strong government regulations (enforced) in Taiwan ensures that the tea you get is what it advertised. (Other countries, if they have regulations, are inconsistently enforced. That is one reason so much Taiwan tea is exported to China.)
    2. 2. Tea growing families, many of which moved from China to Taiwan, have passed the art of tea growing and processing down from generation to generation.

      10. Why should I buy Black Tea?

       All the health benefits of green tea but much easier on your stomach.

      11. Why should I buy from TaiTea.CA?

      Quality. All our tea is the highest quality tea.It is also 100% organic.